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As much as we may want to spend all of our time around some of the most high-octane cars the world has to offer, we also realise that times have changed. The EV has started to come of age. What started with a Tesla battery being chucked into the Lotus Elise chassis has now become the future of motoring. 

One might think that filming EVs is just the same as any other car, but it does present a significant challenge. Noise.

A key component of a car, especially performance or race cars, is the noise it makes. Second only to sight, what we hear is a crucial aspect of how we perceive, remember and experience a car. The sound a car makes is something we use in our films to create a sense of drama or occasion, to communicate speed and to engage people’s memories of a certain time or place. Without it, we have lost an essential story-telling component. 

However, every challenge presents an opportunity – or so they say. Filming electric vehicles requires us to think outside of the box, to find a way to tell a story or communicate an emotion in a completely different way. To take advantage of the lack of noise, to take advantage of the environment we’re filming the car in and to take advantage of new story-telling techniques. 

We can’t wait to film more with electric cars and to share the future of cars through our films. We always want to be plugged-in to the next big thing.

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